Student Loan Analysis Software for Financial Advisors

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LoanBuddy technology empowers financial advisors with tools and education to better serve clients with student loan debt.

images $1.6 trillion

And rising every day – the current amount of student loan debt in America.

Analyze Federal Income-Based Repayment Programs

Clients and borrowers are frustrated with trying to understand their options for their student loan debt. Manage client loan data with our calculator and provide a roadmap with their pro forma income while enrolled in Federal Income-Based repayment programs.

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For Clients Working at Nonprofits, Track Public Service Loan Forgiveness

LoanBuddy technology helps you monitor your client's progress through the PSLF process and optimize their benefit of working at a qualifying organization.

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images 44 million

The number of borrowers in America with student loan debt.

images $38,000

The average American’s personal debt (this amount has doubled over the last decade)

Save Time Creating Reports and Generating New Leads

LoanBuddy reports are available as PDFs for inclusion in a client plan, custom branded with your firm's logo and ready to print out for your meetings. Save time using LoanBuddy reports and configure your client loan data simply.

You’ll also be added to our database of available financial advisors who are ready to take on new clients needing help managing their student loan debt.

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LoanBuddy is the leader in student loan lifecycle software for financial advisors.
Make student debt easier to understand for your clients with our powerful tools.
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From Dev Thompson - The Lifter's Advisor

Dev Thompson

The Lifter's Advisor

Most people believe they're stuck being buried with their current student loan payment; a tool like LoanBuddy allows me to show my clients simply and efficiently that isn't the case, they do have options and we can easily explore those.

Jonathan Houk - Wealth Impact Advisors

Jonathan Houk

Wealth Impact Advisors / XYPN Member

LoanBuddy does an incredible job simplifying the complexity of student loan analysis. What used to take me hours to research and analyze now only takes me a few minutes. It has greatly improved how I can help clients with their loans and has helped cemented my role as their long-term planner. LoanBuddy is an invaluable tool for me and my clients. It does a wonderful job simplifying complexity for my clients while still having the robust tax integration I want. For the first time I have a student loan tool I trust.

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$60 / mo.

For independent financial advisors.

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$600 / year

Save $120 a year from the monthly plan.

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$30 user / mo.

For organizations with ten or more advisors.

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