Scott Snider

Scott Snider
Mellen Money Management LLC
Profession: Veterinarians
After spending nearly 10 years working for large financial institutions, Scott decided it was time to strike out on his own in 2016 and start Mellen Money Management. With the primary purpose being the ability to actually provide independent advice, as well as offer a more specialized service around college planning. After all, the student loan problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Today, Scott works with his clients to solve everyday problems like how much to save towards retirement, how much cash should be put aside in savings for a rainy day, how much insurance is enough, and what is the most you should spend on a house. More than anything else, it’s Scott’s mission to help his clients bring all of their competing financial priorities into focus. Thereby allowing them to maximize their wealth and live a better life.
Scott is handling $5,350,480.00 total student debt
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